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Your Coach
for mental health

My name is Beate Egger and I am a dedicated psychosocial counselor with the aim of assisting individuals in various life situations. With empathetic understanding and solid expertise, I offer personalized guidance to collaboratively navigate challenges and bring about positive changes.

Psychological Counselling

"Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, and life seems to be too much for you? Or do you find yourself stressed, exhausted, and struggling to sleep?

Each of us experiences challenging phases in life, including myself. However, if these states persist, it's essential to intervene for your own well-being. I am pleased to be able to support you here so that you can emerge from crises strengthened and, above all, healthy.

Examples of areas in which I am happy to accompany you:

- Finding new direction after life-changing events
- Self-realization
- Stress and burnout prevention
- Improving quality of life
- Breaking through stagnant life situations
- Enhancing sleep quality

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Behandlerei Villach

Bleiberger Straße 31

9500 Villach

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